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In the summer when followers show, loveliness they bring to the mind
in the summer when flowers show. those lovely ladies  dance divine. I like to stare  they do not seam to care.
In the summer, in the summer time. Your beauty is only matched by flowers in your hair.

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I felt a bit down the other day, but my mind drifted  into space. Like a cosmic hug the galaxies shared, I love your embrace.
So the sadness shed like falling stars and burned out of place.
I don't know why the thoughts of you, Except a day dream of your lovely face Is secret place my soul feels safe.

I laugh at myself, like I am a little kid.  its silly I think my thinking it is. Butter I am smiling 

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I have been working on this poem and it often changes but the "depression my friend no greater sadness will I experience agian" is constant. I have been asked if the who's poem and what is the title name.

I named  my poem today. I will call it " I was righteous once"

It is interesting how the minds ability to create is so hinged on the emotions of the heart.

What is this that the body feels, and the mind must struggle to part.

I just have this breath I am sure and it passes through my heart.

tag:popeyespoems.posthaven.com,2013:Post/914731 2015-10-09T05:59:26Z 2015-10-09T05:59:26Z I used to be Righteous

Depression, depression my friend no greater sadness will I experience again.
Righteous, righteousness again till I found that I am plagued by death and sin till thee end.
So sin, yes sin that's what u judge and condemn.
But it is the brokenness that death will win.
What is this death I suffer from within.
What is this death, this death that will free me again.
I have a brother, my friend, he is a light at the end.

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Too cute

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Living and dead

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They all want guys with cash

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Orange u sweet, I love you and I must eat...